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Mercoledì, 18 Luglio 2018
Bando Europeo H2020-Dynamic countering of cyber-attacks

Bando Europeo H2020-Dynamic countering of cyber-attacks


Tema: The prevention of and the protection against attacks that target modern ICT components, complex ICT infrastructures and emerging technologies (e.g. IoT) remains a difficult task. The complexity of heterogeneous collections of hardware and software components finds its roots in the diversity of development contexts and of levels of maturity, in the growing means of networked interactions, in the massive exchange of information and data, and in the varied schedules of systems lifecycles that generate highly dynamic behaviours. The increase of encrypted flows over the Internet should lead to adopt new techniques for detection of suspicious cyber activities and traffic patterns, and for classification of flows, while keeping privacy and confidentiality. Another relevant challenge is to use machine learning and analytics for cybersecurity.

Scadenza: 28 Agosto 2018

Cofinanziamento:  70%

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